FAQ: Which Walt Disney Park Is The Easter Parade 2018?

Does Disney have an Easter parade?

Every Easter, Disney presents a special parade at Magic Kingdom that runs before Festival of Fantasy. Magic Kingdom isn’t the only place at Walt Disney World that celebrates Easter. Several of the resorts feature egg displays, character meets and do special egg hunts for kids on Easter Sunday.

Where does the Disney parade start?

The Festival of Fantasy parade route can be viewed on the Magic Kingdom park map. The route begins in Frontierland and runs through Liberty Square and down Main Street USA. Main Street is the most crowded viewing location, but it is often preferred by guests because of Cinderella Castle.

Where is the Magic Kingdom parade?

Magic Kingdom Parade
Status Active
Genre Theatrical presentation
Frequency Daily
Venue Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Will there be a 5th Disney park?

Will that be a 5th park? That might be unlikely, at least for a long time, but we’ ll have to wait and see! At the moment, Disney hasn’t shared plans about a potential 5th park coming to Disney World, but we’re certainly on the lookout for more updates and will let you know what we find!

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Is there a Disney Easter Parade 2021?

One of the hidden Walt Disney World special events in 2021 is Easter which will be April 4th in 2021. The Magic Kingdom Park has been known to host the Easter Bunny meet and greet in Town Square.

Does Disney do anything special for Easter?

Easter at Disney World – Treats and Dining Options You can find a fun variety of themed treats and eats to celebrate your Easter at Walt Disney World! Typical Easter offerings includes the famous chocolate egg displays at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Is there a Disney Christmas Parade 2020?

The Disney Christmas Parade will go ahead in 2020.

Does Disney do fireworks every night 2021?

Currently, there are NO fireworks shows or nighttime spectaculars running in Walt Disney World. Every nighttime spectacular has been canceled for the time being.

How long is the parade in Magic Kingdom?

That’s 22% off! Lands.

Location Main Street, U.S.A.
Duration 30 minutes
Scope and Scale Major Attraction
Closures / Refurbishments

Does Disney still do the light parade?

The Main Street Electrical Parade had its final performance of its most recent run at Disneyland Park on August 20, 2017. On June 28, 2019, Disney announced that the Main Street Electrical Parade would return to Disneyland on August 2, 2019, and would run through September 30, 2019.

Does Disney World have a parade every day?

Parades. At the moment, there are no parades in Disney World. Instead, there are character cavalcades, which happen in random intervals throughout the day at the parks.

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Is there a parade at Magic Kingdom at night?

In the interview Dan confirmed that a new nighttime parade will come to the Magic Kingdom by 2021. parade will begin nightly performances. The show will run at either 7:00 PM or 7:15 PM depending on the night.

What are the 6 Disney parks?

There are Six Disneylands—that is, “castle parks ”—around the world—in California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Each Disney resort has one “ Disneyland ” or “castle park ” and four resorts have other parks as well.

What is coming to Disney in 2020?

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

  • The Chinese Theater will be home of Mickey and Minnie’s first ride.
  • Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway (Image courtesy of Disney Parks.)
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort.
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.
  • A new movie in the France pavilion.
  • Space 220.

What is the #1 theme park in the world?


Rank Amusement park Location
1 Magic Kingdom Theme Park at Walt Disney World Resort Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States
2 Disneyland Park Anaheim, California, United States
3 Tokyo Disneyland Tokyo, Japan
4 Tokyo DisneySea Tokyo, Japan


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