How Much Does It Pay To Work At Disney Park?

Do Disney employees get paid well?

Santa Clara, CA beats the national average by $4,583 (16.2%), and Lakes, AK furthers that trend with another $5,136 (18.1%) above the $28,327 average. Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Walt Disney World Cast Member Jobs.

City San Buenaventura, CA
Annual Salary $31,550
Monthly Pay $2,629
Weekly Pay $607
Hourly Wage $15.17

What is the highest paying job at Disney World?

Top 5 Best Paying Related Disney World Jobs in the U.S.

Job Title Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Financial Analyst Disney $70,669 $1,359
Disney Interactive Media Group $70,346 $1,353
Disney Data Analyst $68,643 $1,320
Disney Plus Streaming $65,207 $1,254

How much does Disney World pay per hour?

Disney’s pay for hourly full-time and part-time employees will increase to $11 by December, $13 in September 2019, $14 in October 2020 and finally $15 in October 2021.

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Does Disney pay 15 an hour?

The deal, which came after nearly a year of negotiations and was approved Thursday evening, will bump the starting minimum wage for nearly half of the theme park resort’s cast member positions to $15 per hour — a 50 percent increase — over the next three years.

Where do Disney employees live?

Most Disney World cast members who are full-time employees live in the counties that make up the Central Florida area. In fact, most of them live in the Orlando metropolitan area.

Do Disney employees get free tickets?

Employees Get Free Disneyland Tickets — but There’s a Limit One of the most well-known perks that comes with working at Disneyland is the free theme park admission. However, you can only bring three people in with you for free with each visit, and the number of free visits you earn depends on the hours you work there.

How much do Disney princesses get paid?

As of Jun 4, 2021, the average annual pay for a Disney Characters in the United States is $38,420 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $18.47 an hour. This is the equivalent of $739/week or $3,202/month.

How Much Do Disney Princesses make 2020?

Princesses make about $13 to $16 an hour, which works out to a starting salary of around $27,000, with little chance for a significant raise. —There’s no world except Disney World.

What is the best job at Disney World?

10 Most Exciting Jobs at Walt Disney World Resort In Florida

  • Jedi Master.
  • Jungle Cruise Skipper.
  • Kilimanjaro Safari Guide.
  • Preshow crowd control for Illuminations.
  • Character Attendant.
  • Star Tours Flight Attendant.
  • Tower of Terror Bellhop.
  • Photopass Photographer. These photographers are certainly magic and memory makers.
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Can you rent Disney World for a day?

It is not possible to rent out the entirety of Disney World for the day, as that would be a logistical and public relations nightmare given the resort’s many hotels, restaurants, retail locations, and other areas serving guests who have booked their vacations there.

Is it hard to get a job at Disney World?

Surprisingly, it’s not as hard as it may seem. Although Disney has competitive programs like the Disney College Program, many locals and Disney -lovers alike are easily able to land a position with the company as long as they have the proper experience. The hiring process is like that of many other theme park jobs.

How much is Disney World’s electric bill?

Nuclear Energy and Disney World Today Currently, Disney’s park costs over $10 billion a year to run, and used over a billion kWhs of electricity, resulting in a bill of over $100 million dollars a year.

Does Disney pay weekly?

Weekly Pay Cast members are paid on a weekly basis. Direct Deposit is an available option.

What do Disney actors get paid?

Average The Walt Disney Company Actor hourly pay in the United States is approximately $12.94, which is 11% above the national average.

How much money do you get paid at Disney World?

Average Walt Disney Parks and Resorts hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.10 per hour for Parking Attendant to $14.16 per hour for Ticket Sales Representative. The average Walt Disney Parks and Resorts salary ranges from approximately $18,929 per year for Actor to $67,228 per year for Technician.

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