Often asked: What Park Is Disney Art Of Animation Closest To?

How far is art of animation from Disney World?

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is between six and seven miles from the Magic Kingdom. In my experience, the bus ride between these two locations takes approximately twenty minutes.

Can you park at Art of Animation?

Parking. Standard overnight self- parking is available to registered Guests for a fee that will be applied to their hotel folio upon check-out. All parking fees include applicable tax.

Which art of animation rooms are closest to the Skyliner?

The Disney Skyliner station that you’ll be using is located on Generation Gap Bridge, which connects Disney’s Art of Animation Resort with Disney’s Pop Century Resort. The station is not more than a 5 or 10-minute walk from any of the buildings, but I would say that the Finding Nemo area has the closest access.

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Can you walk from art of animation to Disney Springs?

From ART OF ANIMATION RESORT There are no theme parks which can be reached from the Art of Animation on foot. You can walk to the POP CENTURY Resort, approximately. 3 miles away, via paved, lighted walkway.

Can you see fireworks from Art of Animation?

The Art of Animation Resort is Disney’s newest resort offering guests family suites or typical resort rooms. The location is not far from both Epcot and Hollywood Studios making it convenient in many ways. You can see the tops of some fireworks at both Epcot and Hollywood Studios but your views will be minimal.

Is Disney Art of Animation worth it?

While the execution of some of these environments, particularly the Cars area, is well-done, it’s worth noting that these are still the “big box” Value Resorts you might be used to at Walt Disney World. In fact, Art of Animation is my pick as the best Value Resort at Walt Disney World.

What is the best room at Art of Animation?

The best rooms at Art of Animation are the family suites, primarily Lion King and Cars depending on what kind of theming you’re looking for.

How long does it take to get from art of animation to Magic Kingdom?

Disney’s Art of Animation is a great resort and one of my family’s favorites. When staying at Disney’s Art of Animation, the fastest way to get to Magic Kingdom, is taking Disney’s bus transportation. The ride is typically 15 – 20 minutes.

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Which is better art of animation or Coronado Springs?

In Art of Animation you feel as part of one of Disney cartoons, which makes it so much more kid-exciting. Coronado Springs feels less Disneyish, but it has its charm too. There are a lot more convention-goers and less families, so it may be a better fit for adults.

Do art of animation rooms have 2 bathrooms?

Family suites Art of Animation have two bathrooms. One is small and functional, nearly identical to the bathrooms in the standard rooms.

Are pools at Art of Animation Resort heated?

It is the newest and most unique Walt Disney World Resort yet. It is classified as a value PLUS resort. There are 3 themed heated pools at the Art Of Animation but the centerpiece of the resort is the 11,859 square foot “Big Blue” pool influenced by the animation of the feature film “Finding Nemo”.

Are there preferred rooms at Art of Animation?

Art of Animation is officially a Value Resort, though pricing is higher than the other Values. However, there are no Preferred rooms at Art of Animation because they are only located in the Little Mermaid section.

How do I request a room at Art of Animation?

They’ll have the online requests you made + they will consider requests that were called in. The number to call to add your room requests is 407-939-7630. If you have special requests due to a disability, you can call 407-939-7807.

Do the Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation have refrigerators?

Rooms have mini- refrigerators but they do not have microwaves. At this time, the standard rooms at both Disney’s All-Star Music and Disney’s Art of Animation resort have two full-size beds.

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Is there a Starbucks at Art of Animation?

Starbucks Coffee is served in each of the 4 Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks and at Disney Springs, while Joffrey’s has Coffee (and tea) locations at Disney Springs and a new kiosk in Magic Kingdom named Joffrey’s Revive which is offering a signature latte called More S’Mores. Have a Magical Vacation!

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